eliza fernand
___________DOCUMENT :: A solo exhibition at (106) Gallery_________
This installation of handmade quilts and digital photography look at both mediums as documentation. The photograph documents a fleeting moment, a temporary arrangement of items, a particular viewpoint in space. The quilt documents a passage of time, a collection of scraps, the course of a needle and thread. In Fernand’s work she uses photography to inform the compositions of quilts, and quilts as the subject of photographs. Documentation is a key part of her practice when her interactive performances are usually based on experience, and sometimes intended to produce an object.

Calvin College - (106) Gallery
106 South Division Ave.
Gallery Hours:
Wednesday, 1-9pm
Thursday-Friday, 1-6pm

First Friday Gallery Hop & Reception
Friday, March 6
_____________Frontier Fellowship at EPICENTER_________
I have a one-month residency at Epicenter, November 17th to December 15th 2014

The Frontier Fellowship provides creative professionals the opportunity to live and work in Green River, Utah (pop. 953), for two to eight weeks. From this rural place, and in the context of the frontier, Fellows have the opportunity to generate new work that is informed by the residents of Green River and the surrounding desert landscape.

Epicenter is a non-profit organization focused on providing affordable housing assistance, exploring economic development solutions, and improving communications and resources within Green River.

Read my full residency report HERE
____________QUILT MOUNTAIN --- ART PRIZE______________
Quilt Mountain is a collaborative participatory exhibition of textiles, performances and workshops presented by local artists: Kate Garman, Rose Beerhorst, Sally England, Marlee Grace Hanson, and Eliza Fernand.

An immersive installation and performance space, this exhibition explores the traditions of quilting, macrame, and needlework. Join us at Have Company (136 Division Avenue South) September 24ththrough October 12th to watch a performance, learn a new skill, and experience a fresh perspective on fiber arts.

Visit have-company.com/quiltmountain for full schedule and details.
____________BRIGHT SHROUD @ STUMPTOWN____________
New work by Eliza Fernand
Stumptown Coffee Roasters
128 SW Third Avenue, Portland, OR
M-F: 6am-6pm/S-S: 7am-6pm
On view March 5 - April 28, 2014

In the past four years, I have pursued an obsession with quilts. I have traveled across the country and back to study how quilts are made, how they are used, and what they mean. At the end of this touring research, I had made a body of installations using patchwork and quilting techniques, but had never finished a bed quilt.
A quilt is a power object. A quilt is a sculpture and a painting. A quilt is a document of time and labor. A quilt goes to bed with you and keeps you warm, covered, shrouded, draped. I am excited that with this new series of work there is the possibility of daily use. Each piece is hand-quilted and ready for an intimate relationship. In the tradition of re-use, I have cut-up and reconfigured past projects; to settle them in a new permanent home, bound in stitches with a layer of batting.
___________THIS RITUAL OF SKILL___________
At long last my book is finished!!!
Three years of Quilt Stories work is now documented in this 88-page full-color catalog, This Ritual of Skill. The book includes essays on the project by an anthropologist, an artist, a curator, a writer, and me. Available for sale on Amazon.com and right here on my website.
_______________________East Austin Open Studio Tour______________________
I am excited to be participating in EAST, the annual east Austin open studio tour. I am thankful for an invite to be a part of the event from Andrea Faye Hyland, an artist, curator, and part of the collaborative Ink Tank. I will be presenting a new patchwork installation on a mini-motorhome, performing Quilt Stories Songs at the opening event in Tillery Park, and sharing my recently-finished, hot-off-the-presses book.
Saturday November 16th :: 10am to 10pm (performance at 6:30)
Sunday November 17th :: 10am to 6pm
801 Tillery St. Austin, TX 78702
_________DRAPE + PATCH :: Eliza Fernand at Arbor Cafe________
With re-configured past works, parts of a new series in-progress, and window pieces made specifically for the space; Eliza Fernand outfits Arbor Cafe in her found-fabric patchworks. From monumental to intimate, wall hanging to installation, these works investigate methods and meanings of quilt-making, while engaging familiar fabric references in geometric story-telling.

The show will be open during Arbor business hours from October 1st to November 3rd 2013, with an opening reception on First Friday, October 4th from 6-10pm. Special video projections by Eliza will be installed during the event with snacks and drinks for all.
_______________QUILT STORIES : : : A BOOK______________
I am fundraising on Kickstarter, a crowd-funding website, to make a book cataloging my epic touring project, Quilt Stories. I have one month to raise $5,000 and am going to need all levels of support. The fundraising is a pre-sale of the catalog and a sale of my other artwork, please contribute and share! -Learn more here-
__________________Exchanges in Boise________________
I will have a solo show at the Boise Co-op Gallery, exhibiting my new interactive patchwork piece, Gift Pyramid, as well as a series of small patchworks. Exchanges takes place in the open cafe area of the co-op, I am interested in the possibility of community altering with this piece that invites viewers to identify bad feelings and anonymously give gifts.
@ Boise Co-op 888 W. Fort Street, Boise ID
May 1st to 31st, 2013
____________CWI Visiting Artist___________
I have the great honor of being the Visiting Artist at the College of Western Idaho in Nampa, Idaho. I am teaching a workshop on interactive projects with the art department, installing a large interactive wall piece on campus, and giving a lecture on my work, open to the public- on April 11th at 6pm.
_______________ THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS ________________

This is what happens when two people are close in mind but far away in space, or this is what happens when two people are very close in space, in home, and making new space in mind. Earlier drawings by Mike and Eliza are from a time when Eliza was touring the country with a life-altering art project about quilts. Some drawings are gifts. Some are about one thing but thinking of another. Later paintings and craft projects come from a time when Mike and Eliza are living together, sharing a space that may need decoration, taking time from working and commuting, and eating, and sleeping, to sit at the kitchen table or on the bed and make something. This is what happens when Mike and Eliza have an art show.
______________ L I S T E N I N G ___________
Listening is the next chapter in Quilt Stories. The installation at the EPAC Art Space in Eagle Idaho houses the tents in their new role as story harbors. Visitors tuck themselves in to listen to recorded stories from people as close as Boise, and as far away as New York and Louisiana. The stories may be funny, sad, sexy, long, short, historical, false, meandering, or cut short. Stories are to be heard, and this exhibition is for listening. Made possible by a grant from the Idaho Commission on the Arts and the National Endowment for the arts.

1125 E State Street, Eagle Idaho @ Eagle Performing Arts Center
September 13th - October 26th
(see documentation here)
_______TRUST : PNCA Alumni Exhibition 2012______
I'm happy to be a part of this juried show of PNCA's finest:

PNCA Alumni Exhibition - September 6 through October 21st
Opening reception September 6th, 6-8pm
Swigert Commons, PNCA 1241 NW Johnson St. Portland OR
________________ ! ! SHARED SPACE STUDIO ! ! ______________
In my new role as Arts Administrator, I managed to wrangle an outstanding group of eight artists, visiting for varying periods over 4.5 weeks, as artists-in-residence at Shared Space Studio.

Check out our visiting artists blog for info on all of the artists and recaps on all of the fun, week by week.

I am finishing our series of weekly artist talks, this Sunday Aug 19th, 7pm, presenting my Quilt Stories work and opening for a talk by Larry Krone.
_____________solo show @ HATCH in OAKLAND_____________
This exhibition marks the conclusion of my Quilt Stories tours and will include the traveling tent, photography and drawings from the road, a quilt mural, ceramic tributes to the tent, and the collaborative quilt that I have collected stitches on from participants in over thirty cities across the country. The opening is part of Oakland’s First Friday Art Murmur, and the following evening I will be giving a talk and performing the video and song piece that has come out of the quilt stories I collected on tour. Also included in the show are a new series of quilt pieces based on compositions I found in the neighborhood streets during my Real Time & Space residency.

Flying Geese Pyramid @ HATCH Gallery
492 23rd St Oakland – April 6th - 30th
Opening Reception -- Friday April 6th, 6 to 10pm
Artist Talk & Quilt Songs Performance – Saturday April 7th, 7 to 9pm
______ SF Bay Guardian Shout Out ______
After months touring on the road with my project Quilt Stories, this article in the Guardian nicely sums up where I have been and what is coming up next for me and the project.

Other talented journalists have covered the project since June, in:
The Boise Weekly
Fashion Denver Blog
The Lakewood Patch
_____________Residency @ REAL TIME + SPACE_______________
I am the Artist-In-Residence at the amazing studio REAL TIME + SPACE in Oakland Chinatown, for the months of February and March 2012.
I will lecture on my work, with studiomate Amy Ho, on Monday February 20th, 8pm @ 125 10th Street, Oakland CA
_______________! Quilt Songs on Tour 2012 !___________
I have been listening, cutting, and pasting together words from the Quilt Stories I collected across the country this past year, and I am making these words into songs. A new little tour is born, where I am performing the songs with a video and installation at small art spaces in the Pacific Northwest and West Coast.....

Jan 23rd @ Look Around - 125 E Main St, Palouse WA
Jan 21st @ Black Hunger - 2606 Breneman, Boise ID
Jan 29th @ NATIONALE - 811 E Burnside, Portland OR
March 18th @ Home Room - 3121 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles CA
March 22nd @ S.H.E.D. Projects - 1917 Peralta St, Oakland CA

photos here...
_______________YOUTOPIA -- OAKLAND__________________
We are at a place in our country where we as a people are desperate for change and searching for answers individually and collectively in an effort to better and beautify our environment. Famous Four Colors is pleased to present YOUTOPIA, an exhibit dedicated to each artist's personal paradise.

Curated by Vanessa Maida.
participating artists:
Cansafis Foote, Eliza Fernand, Thailan When, Elia Vargas, Charles St. Clair, Nate Crane, Jeronimo Roldán, Emily Goldface, Case Conover

Opening January 6th, 2012 9-midnight
Famous Four Colors Gallery
1525 Webster St. Oakland
_____________Uncommon Threads - NY NY________________
Kathryn Markel is pleased to announce a group exhibition entitled
Uncommon Threads: A Survey of Contemporary Quilts.

Opens Thursday, Nov 17, 6-8PM and runs through Dec 26, 2011
529 West 20th Suite 6W - NY New York 10011

The tradition of quilts and quilting has primarily been considered as a utilitarian object first and as an artistic medium incidentally. But the rise of feminism and the revaluation of "women's work" led to a renewed appreciation of the artistic potential of the medium, and to an exploding number of quilters. This exhibition focuses on 12 contemporary artists who use quilting techniques in their work. Some have come out of the traditional world of art quilting, and others are younger artists who have embraced the medium because its deep associations further their artistic practice. Each of these artists emphasizes a different aspect of quilting and has a different agenda. This exhibition shows how an old-fashioned medium is being repurposed for a new generation.

see the group show here...
________________"Let's Be Matching" Continues!______________
Let's Be Matching has happened in Greensboro NC, Brooklyn NY, Portland OR, San Francisco CA, and now it's happening in Houston TX!

Come to Hello-Lucky @ 1025 Studewood St.
Sunday October 23rd between 2 and 5pm

Equipped with a sewing machine and scissors, I offer the visiting public ten-minute fittings for customized accessories sewn from two specific fabrics. Each accessory is unique, but the fabrics are the same; and wearing these garments, people form a visually identifiable group.
_____________quilt stories - SUMMER TOUR____________
Quilt Stories, a performance where I collect quilt anecdotes from visitors inside of my quilted tent, is on a cross-country tour this summer. (!)
I am generating interest and support on Kickstarter
and documenting the tour on Flickr
you can follow it on facebook too!
_________PRESS PLUSH___________
At GARFO Art Center in Salt Lake City
April 9th, 2011 - June 3rd, 2011

Visual Art Institute and GARFO Art Center are excited to present Press Plush—a
survey of contemporary soft sculpture, textile and fiber art opening April 9. In
conjunction with the exhibition, Salt Lake artist Naomi Marine will conduct a
workshop with VAI students to create a collaborative installation, and visiting
artist Eliza Fernand will give a free public lecture.

Aiming to locally expand exposure of textile and fiber arts beyond the context of
craft, Press Plush will acknowledge soft sculpture’s popular roots in 1960s Pop
art, examine the broader spectrum of what the medium can be, and show the
innovative ways contemporary artists are using it at large. The exhibition will
include installation, sculpture, video, crochet, fiber, inflatable, and found
object/repurposed material work. The artists, who have been featured in
prominent publications, symposiums, and exhibitions focused on the medium
worldwide include: Frances Trombly, Agustina Woodgate, Sarah Applebaum,
Tawnie Silva, Elaine Bradford, Emily Link, Jann Haworth, John Andrews,
Naomi Marine, Eliza Fernand, Leslie Hall, and Arthur Henderson.r
________________The Artist Books Show- CHICAGO____________
The Paper Crane is pleased to announce The Artist Books Show. Opening Saturday March 12, 2011 from 5-8pm
located at 2846 W. North Ave on the second floor. (Please enter through the side door on Francisco Street)


The Artist Book Show is a project that was developed to encourage people to see the book as more than something to read but also as an art object. 26 artists from around the world participated in The Paper Crane's first book project. Each person either made their own hand bound hardcover book at our studio or were mailed one made by The Paper Crane. Artists had 3 months to fill their book in any way they wanted and were encouraged to 'test the boundaries' of the book. For many this meant re-making the book entirely, for others it was allowing themselves to let their work spill out of the 6 x 9 measurement or challenging themselves with a new medium. Each and everyone of these books is a unique artifact of it's maker. Produced entirely by hand, each artist invested countless hours and personal time to this project. The artists listed below are applauded for their enthusiasm, effort and dedication to this project.

Artists include: Colin Palombi, Curtis Oliveira, Dennis Franklin, Eliza Fernand, Erika Miklovic-Clark, Esther Ramirez, Gabe McKinney, Hatti B. Figge, Jaime Ryan, John Philip Abbot, Josh Dumas, Josh Howard, Katy Groves, Kirk Bravender, Kreh Mellick, Margot Harrington, Matt Alicea, Melanie Parke, Nathan Vernau, Richard Kooyman, Robin Russo, Sarah Nesbit, Scott Reinhard, Susie Wilson, Tony Saunders, Trent Miller
My new solo exhibition, PATCHWORKS, opens at the Visual Arts Collective in Boise on February 4th.

The show will run through March 26th, and is generously supported by a grant from the Idaho Commission on the Arts, and the National Endowment for the Arts. I am very happy to have received this grant that will fund further explorations in my series of Quilt Projects.

PATCHWORKS - February 4th to March 26th
@ Visual Arts Collective - 3638 Osage Street, Garden City ID
_____________performances at PLACE in PDX_______________
PLACE, is a part of SETTLEMENT, a new group of galleries located inside of the Pioneer Place Mall downtown.

I felt that a mall would be a hopeful site to pull in the public, so on Saturday from 12 to 3, I am performing Let's Be Matching- a project where I create a visually identifiable group of people by sewing on the spot individualized accessories for them out of two specific fabrics.

And Sunday from 12 to 3, I will be performing a brand new project called Quilt Stories. In it's initial phase, participants will meet me inside of a quilted tent where I will be collecting their stories and anecdotes about quilts.

Let's Be Matching. - SAT January 29th, 12 to 3p
Quilt Stories - SUN January 30th, 12 to 3p
@ PLACE - 700 SW Fifth (3rd floor) Pioneer Place Mall, Portland OR
______________more than plush in PORTLAND______________
"More Than Plush" at Gallery Homeland

An exhibition focusing on four artists working outside the term "Fiber
Artist". With traditional and nontraditional materials, these artists
have pushed the limit of their working environment, finding a home in
the unconventional and conceptual. Through sculpture and installation,
these newer bodies of work go far past needle and thread and exceed
expectations outside the white box.

Elaine Bradford, TX
Amanda Browder, NY
Eliza Fernand, NY/ID
Emily Link, TX

December 10th 2010 - January 30th 2011
Hope to see you at the opening Dec. 10th!
_____________HOUSTON: Hello-Lucky opening_______________
my artwork and wannamake merchandise are now available at a gallery/artist-made shop in the Houston Heights- Hello-Lucky.
The opening of the Holiday show is Friday Nov.12th, 6 to 8pm
____________SOUS-LIT residency in Montreal______________
I am staying at the domestic residency, Sou-Lit, studying notions of everyday art, systematizing rituals, and building artist residencies with Amber Phelps Bondaroff, the fabulous founder of the Network of Domestic Spaces (NoDs).

We will also be attending the annual ResArtis conference to learn about artist-run residencies and the mobility of artists in North America.
________Song & Dance performance at Nationale________
I am performing at the wonderful gallery/shop Nationale, in Portland.
Come at 6pm on Sunday September 26th.

watch the video
______________The Quilt Studio of Violette Alby________________
I am spending two weeks in Ojo Sarco New Mexico, studying with quiltmaker & off-the-grid artist, Violette Alby.
My quilt will be shown alongside hers, and a great collection of artwork made 'from discards' at the exhibition Arte de Descartes X, at the Taos Center for the Arts.
On view at the Stables Gallery, August 15th through the 28th

see the whole trip documented in my mountain quilts blog
________________Piece Pile__________________
a show of quilts- drawn and pieced from paper and sentimental fabrics.
in collaboration with Mark E. Deutsch

on view at Forthrite Printing, in Oakland at 5857 San Pablo Ave.
Opens July 2nd, 5-9pm, runs through July 30th
_____________wannamake Artists in Residence at the Alaska Center___________________________
wannamake, my collaboration with Anna Weber, is currently housed in a big, beautiful, sunny studio in downtown Boise. Thanks to the Boise Department of Arts & History Artist-In-Residence program, and a generous grant from the Idaho Commission on the Arts, we have the space for three months (3/13 to 6/11) and we are offering special services to the public.
During our community studio hours, we will be accepting submissions of well-used clothing to our Creative Mending Service, where problem areas are decorated instead of disappeared. We are also repurposing retired clothing- bring in a piece of sentimental clothing that you no longer wear or may have belonged to a relative, and we will help you transform it into a functional object for your home or personal adornment. In May, we are proud to host a collection of visiting artists- we have offered them studio space and are planning exciting collaborations of all types…

___________Let's Be Matching - SITE Fest 2010 - March 6 & 7 - Bushwick, NY_________________
"Let's Be Matching" is an interactive performance where I create a visually identifiable group of people by making them matching accessories. The accessories are customized to each person in a ten-minute fitting session, and are all made from two distinctive printed fabrics- so each piece is different and the same. I will be meeting people at my sewing station in Grace Exhibition Space from 1pm to 5pm on Saturday, March 6th, and will be inviting participants to meet back at the space for a dance party on Sunday, March 7th from 4pm to 5pm. The dance party will bring the group together in their matching garb, and I will be making a playlist that includes each participant's favorite dancing song.

The performance is part of SITE Fest 2010:

Arts in Bushwick is pleased to announce SITE Fest, a two-day interdisciplinary event highlighting the diversity of performance in Bushwick. Now in its second year, SITE arose in response to the amazing outpouring of live art that Arts in Bushwick receives every year for BETA Spaces and Open Studios. Encompassing and blending a variety of forms including theater, dance, and music, SITE investigates our neighborhood as an unfolding collaborative performance enacted in urban space.
SITE Fest is a proud partner and featured Brooklyn event of Armory Arts Week. (read more here)
______________________The Paper Crane______________________
Dee Clements is a wonderwoman curator, arts writer, and artist in Chicago. She keeps the city up to date on rad artists and happenings with her blog The Paper Crane, where she posted a write up on my work, announcing my recent show in Portland.
_________________________CLAD @ NATIONALE_______________________
i am having a solo show at the wonderful NATIONALE in portland.

here is the idea:
"Memories are triggered by familiar sights, noises, and smells. Upon recognizing a material from your past, a history of associations plays in your head. By converting old clothing and bedding into a fabric collage, I can play with an arrangement of memories. Each viewer will experience the collage differently with their personal recollections, while some images and patterns can evoke collective reminiscing. This series was made in a house that I have stayed at every summer of my life, it belonged to my grandmother who died almost one year ago. The collages are made from a combination of her clothing that was left in the house and my old clothing from high school that I uncovered at my father's house."

the opening reception is 6 to 8 on January 15th, at 2730 E Burnside
on view January 13th to February 7th
_____________FUCK FACEBOOK, THIS IS HOW WE RELATE (a portrait show)_______________
May at Nationale in Portland has organized a portrait show for the one-year anniversary of her space. She asked all of the people that have been involved in the last year to make portraits of each other- and I got to do two.

the opening reception for the show is DECEMBER 11th, 6-9pm
and an anniversary celebration will be DECEMBER 21st, 6-9pm

the show will be up for one month after it opens, and her gallery/shop is open wednesday-sunday, 12 to 6pm at 28th and Burnside in Portland, Oregon.

check out my portrait of Marjorie Skinner on the Portland Mercury Blog
________________ Swell-Sway ______________________
a free performance at Movement Research at Judson Church :
November 9th, 8pm @ 55 Washington Square Park South (Judson Memorial Church) New York, NY

Swell-Sway is an abstracted investigation of underwater life. With costume, movement, and sound, I am simultaneously imitating and re-inventing aquatic scenarios. With methods that are straightforwardly human- my voice and my body- how can I represent these life forms that are so vastly different from us in anatomy and environment?

there will also be performances by Arielle Falk, and the duo Bessie McDonough-Thayer and Laurie Berg
_____________________ ! wannamake ! _____________________
my dear and talented friend Anna Weber and i have started a collaboration where we create art for the wearing-
we are calling it wannamake. . . . .
_____________ ( s k i n o f a w a v e ) _________________
( s k i n o f a w a v e ) is open from september 4th to the 26th at Public Space ONE in Iowa City, Iowa.

the show was curated by the amazing Katie Parry of the Keep Arts Collective, with the idea of collaboration across media in mind. ( s k i n o f a w a v e ) features poetry, music, and writing alongside collage, installation, animation, and drawing.

reviewed in the Daily Iowan
gallery hours are Tues 4-7pm and Sat 2-5pm
_________________Memory Objects- Elsewhere Artist Conversation_______________
Friday ~ August 14th 2009 ~ 8pm to 11pm ~ Elsewhere Artist Collaborative ~

come on over to elsewhere at 606 South Elm Street in Greensboro, NC. Big fun night, where we can all wear matching customized accessories, draw and share stories of objects from our pasts, and indulge in the latest animations and performance that I have been playing with here.

if you dont live in the area, check out photos of the big night!
____________Elsewhere Resident Artist_______________
I am here at the Elsewhere Artist Collective, in North Carolina, from July 23rd to September 1st.
I will be blogging on all of the amazing things that happen here.....
_____reccomending review of post-scarcity show______
check out the Newcity Art reveiw on the post-scarcity show at 65 Grand in Chicago.
The show is still up until July 25th.
_______megaphone singing and embroidery in Iowa City_______
The Johnson County Heritage Trust
in collaboration with The Keep Arts Collective
presents the Prairie Placard Project:

A poetry, art and performance event to support the restoration and protection of the Johnson County Prairies

An outdoor exhibition, live reading, and performance will take place on Saturday, July 18th from 5-8:30pm beside the Shimek Ravine at 1400 Grissel Place Iowa City, IA
(picnicing encouraged!)
a group show at 65 GRAND gallery in Chicago

eliza fernand
monica herrera
jodie mack

curated by thea liberty nichols
two gushing performances on opening night, 7-10 june 19th
(june 19 - july 25, 2009)
__________Unruffled Bloom ___________
Sarina Eastman and Eliza Fernand are collaborating on sculptures, costumes, and sound, to create an installation that will be transformed by a performance. Flowery boulders, a canopy of glittering baubles, and a seaweed bush will house the quest of two slithering critters in puffy-painted bodysuits. Four receptions will be held for the installation to be experienced before and after the performance.

Thursday, May 21st, 7-10pm (performance @ 8pm)
Saturday, May 23rd, noon-3pm (performance @ 1pm)
Friday, May 29th, 7-10pm (performance @ 8pm)
Sunday, May 31st, noon-3pm (performance @ 1pm)

Abco Artspace, 3135 Filbert Street Emeryville, CA

Sarina Eastman works in painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, textiles, and performance. Her work revolves around themes of bright colors, playful images, and positivity. Sarina is inspired by sunglasses, pigeons, her spirit board, and 80's electro funk. She has shown her work at My Trick Pony in San Francisco, Hatch Gallery in Oakland, collaborated on several of David Wilson's Ribbons projects in the Bay, and her pUFF yEAH! original clothing can be found at Gravel & Gold in San Francisco.
Eliza Fernand works in sculpture, installation, performance, and animation. Her performance work is abundant with transforming costumes and objects. She has performed and with collaborators in New York City at The Stone, A.I.R. Gallery, Bowery Poetry Club, and Roulette Intermedium; in Brooklyn at Lumenhouse; in Oakland at 21Grand, Lobot Gallery; and in Portland at Gallery Homeland.

People come together to experience fantasy in reality.

_________Gushing Performance for Lumenhouse Benefit________
Saturday, April 25th 7-9pm, at Lumenhouse, 47 Beaver Street in Brooklyn 11206

As part of the art auction and benefit party, Eliza will be performing 'Gushing' in her volcano costume at 7pm. The fundraiser benefits Lumenhouse, an exhibition space, artists' studios, and photography studio located in Bushwick. After the auction, the dance party starts at 9pm and goes until late.
______Closing Party: billow / ripple silent auction & The Tea Set CD release show______
Saturday, March 28th 6-10pm, at Fort Gallery, 480 23rd Street in Oakland

Eliza has picked out twelve pieces of artwork in her solo show, 'billow / ripple' to be included in a silent auction the night of the show's closing. Doors open and bidding begins at 6pm, bidding goes until 9pm, and the bands start playing at 8pm.

Oakland duo Mark Deutsch and Jen Weisberg, AKA The Tea Set, will be having their CD release show in the back room of Fort, and they will be playing along with their other bands, World's Best Dad, and The Jen Weisberg Experience.
______Animation Night with Eliza & Friends______
Wednesday, March 18th 7-9pm at Fort Gallery, 480 23rd Street in Oakland

In the back room of Fort Gallery, currently furnished with her installation and sculpture, Eliza Fernand presents a screening of animations by herself, her friends, and her students. The reception will celebrate handmade animation techniques and short projects with character, honesty, emotion, and caprice. Work by artists from Oakland, New York, and Portland will be shown alongside first-time animations by Fernand’s eight-year-old students. Cookies will be freshly baked for all who attend, and the evening will close with an interactive video by Fernand called “Getting to Know You”.

Artist friends include: Hooliganship, Jeffrey Kriksciun, Katie McCory, Megan Lark, Eve & Moe
_____online tidbits_____
A few blogs posted pictures and commentary on the billow / ripple opening at Fort:
here is one
over here on fecal face
the OAKBOOK picks
and here is another one
another nice blog
And a full review here on ArtSlant
_____billow / ripple_____
Opening Reception: Friday, March 6, at 6-9pm
Followed by live music by Beatbeat Whisper, The Blank Tapes, Paleo, and Moot

Location: Fort Gallery - 480 23rd Street - Oakland, CA 94612
Hours: Wed & Fri 4-8pm, Sat 12-8pm -- Exhibition runs March 6th – March 29th

billow / ripple
In Fort Gallery’s first solo exhibition, Eliza Fernand fills each room with site-specific installations of her craft infused abstractions. With recycled material from clothing, bedding and linens, she has set out to fabricate the ephemeral and mystical formations that occur in the natural world. These installations are crafted with familiar materials and familiar forms, but the scenes are fantasy. Crocheted stalagmites and flowery fabric boulders, a cabinet of curiosities with geodes and shells handmade from clay; each room in the gallery sets a mottled scene of contradictions—composed and organic, material and immaterial, intimate and encompassing. These qualities are played out figuratively and literally throughout the show, as Fernand is investigating atmospheric elements where the only constant is transformation.